Malaria is the deadliest parasitic disease in the world

What would be the best approach to control it?

The facts of Malaria

Did you know

Half of the world's population is at risk of malaria. Every minute, a child dies from malaria.

Preventable and curable disease early diagnosis and prompt treatment of malaria reduces disease and prevents deaths.

Once contracted though, it could be a deadly disease. Even with prompt, effective antimalarial treatment and supportive care, the motality rate is 10–20% overall.

Mosquito nets provide personal protection against mosquito bites.

Malaria causes significant economic losses in high-burden countries.
Costs of healthcare, absenteeism, days lost in education, decreased productivity due to brain damage from cerebral malaria.

  • Risk of malaria

    Reference: WHO Malaria fact

  • Malaria is a preventable disease.

    Reference: Guidelines for the treatment of malaria. Third edition, April 2015, WHO

  • 77% of malaria death occur in children under five.

  • Vector control is the main way to reduce malaria transmission. But only 29% of households at risk had enough insecticide-treated nets for all household members.
    Reference: World Malaria Report 2014, WHO



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