Malaria menace: when insecticide-resistant mosquitoes bite back

Malaria death rates have fallen 60% since 2000, but with some mosquitoes developing resistance to treated bednets, is it time to change strategy?     A pregnant woman holds a mosquito net in Cali, Colombia. Insecticide-treated bednets and other measures have averted millions of deaths, says the World Health Organisation. Photograph: Luis Robayo/AFP/Getty Images  […]


Many white-tailed deer have malaria

Source: University of Vermont Summary: By chance, scientists have discovered a malaria parasite that infects white-tailed deer. It’s the first-ever malaria parasite known to live in a deer species and the only native malaria parasite found in any mammal in North or South America.   Two years ago, Ellen Martinsen, was collecting mosquitoes at the Smithsonian’s National[…]